Here we go again! We got through it last time with the support of you all, so we will do it again!

As a result of the NSW lockdown that has come into effect, our services have had to change vastly.


  • Moss Vale Aquatic Centre is closed until further notice, so we are unable to provide any gym or pool-based sessions
  • Under government regulations issued via our governing professional body, ESSA, the only face-to-face sessions (including home visits) we can provide are those classified as ESSENTIAL CARE
  • Essential care has a very specific definition: ‘care that cannot be delayed and if it is, it will result in escalation, including admission to hospital or the need to see a GP’
  • All other sessions are to be provided via telehealth only


If you have a scheduled appointment in the next week, hold tight, we will be in touch 😊

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